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I am sorry to see that no noe is helping I hope some one helps me i am feeding or helping to feed some 500 in buckland alaska we sent baby milk there to there kids could eat we need love GOD heart to make it in this world i can not stan by and see know that someone gose with uot we have beed uesing grant money to show them how to carve so thay can make moneyi used 30,000.00 to do this and then 320,000.00 from otz alaska to show them how man was it fun and thay love all that we did from them will now i am going too do more with the help of GODS love and you i hope pls i can feel heaven can you with love from FRANK 907-764-3264 -907-262-1405-alaskaspace@msn. com

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Hello Adam 1, Here is a link to an organization with Hurrican information. I hope this helps you in your effort to save your business. God Bless
Kellogg Foundation

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Hello Adam 1, I am sorry that you have not received a responce form anyone yet to help you. I can only offer some sites that might be useful to you. Look through the links on my members page to see if there is a link that might help. Perhaps start with legal aid, maybe you can get help from the Government since you are a victim of a Hurrican. I hope they help.
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